The new album of Deathroll from Japan is called Immorality

The new album of Deathroll from Japan is called Immorality. It is a crushing mix of black metal with heavy metal the Far-East way, yet some death and thrash metal parts are added in for extra flavor. Bands from Japan have always had a distinctive sound, but Deathroll have something more than this. They have created a very personal sound unlike any other band you will hear. Immorality is an absolutely solid work. It is dark, heavy, aggressive and technical all in one!
Deathroll have created a signature sound all the way, we must say. The drumming is insanely good and builds sound structures which are solid enough to carry the weight of every song that Deathroll compose and record. The bass is thick and technical. It supports in the most perfect way the music and it creates layers of hidden melodies that strike straight to the subconscious.
The root for every Deathroll song is the guitar riffs which appear to be rather complex, but can be perceived and understood. There has been done a very nice work in terms of composing including rhythm and lead guitar parts which dress the songs very well. It is really amazing that all guitar work is executed by just one guitarist! In addition, the vocals are the key for the magic Deathroll make. The vocals in Deathroll are unlike what you have heard before. They are desperate and aggressive with tons of emotion, sharp edges and a fantastic throat tonality.
The album Immorality exceeds to just a bit over 30 minutes length and it includes 8 original Deathroll songs. All of them have the band’s own character. The single “Don’t Understand The Principle Of The Thing” is the opening track of the album and leaves the best impression of what’s to follow. And what follows is a black metal holocaust of greatness and originality.
Stand-out tracks from Immorality are: “Don’t Understand The Principle Of The Thing”, “Collapse Ethics”, “Hell On Earth”, “Obscenity Named Brainwashing”, “Journey to the Underworld” and “Healing Called the Death”, but it is true that once you hit the play button it will be really hard to skip tracks because the Japanese monster named Deathroll will just eat you alive!
If you want to listen to an unholy mix of Mayhem’s monolithic and nihilistic approach in black metal mixed with the technicality and progressiveness of the last albums of Death, and some cool death/thrash early Morbid Angel parts, while the Heavy Metal ghosts of Sabbath, Priest and Maiden watches you, then Deathroll is a band you definitely need to check out! Immorality is out from the German STF-Records. Get your copy now!!
Deathroll - Don't understand the principle of the thing (Official Music Video)
Deathroll - Desolate (Official Music Video )
Deathroll - Why is your name on the Deathroll? (Official Music Video)

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